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Plant-Based Cooking 2.0

This is a LIVE 4-week online program to deepen your knowledge about a plant-based diet and plant-based cooking. This course will build upon the foundation you received in my original Plant-Based Bootcamp and continue to inspire you to add more plants into your diet. There is truly no better time to improve your health and the health of your family and I believe a mostly plant-based (it doesn't have to be 100%) approach is the way to go. I will be demonstrating fabulous recipes, sharing new tips and techniques, and of course, answering all your questions along the way. If you want to continue your wellness journey with me, take your diet to the next level and improve your nutrition intake, lower your inflammation, lose weight, and turn on the anti-aging switch in your body, this course is for you! 


October 2021



Tuesdays at 10:00 am Pacific Time / 1:00 PM EST

Start date: October 5

What's Included?

Weekly Live Video Classes

Each week on Tuesdays at 10:00 am PT / 1:00 pm EST, I will share a 

1-hour pre-recorded class via ZOOM + stay for LIVE Q&A.  Classes include cooking demonstrations and nutrition discussion, followed by Q&A. You do not have to attend live, and the class and Q&A session will be recorded and sent to all students. You can watch and re-watch as many times as you like. 

Access to Private Facebook Group

We will continue with the same private Plant-Based Cooking FB page where you will be able to interact with me and other students, and enjoy support during the course and beyond. 

Private Membership 

Students will have access to a private membership account where they will have lifetime access to all course content.  

All My Favorite Resources

Downloadable PDFs of my favorite products, recipes, and swap lists to help you adapt recipes to fit your needs.

4 Week Schedule



Tuesdays at 10:00 AM (Pacific Time) / 1:00 PM EST

Start date: October 5

October 2021

Dive Into Cooking Plant-Based Proteins

Week 1

I will show you how to cook multiple types of plant-based proteins in different ways and teach what to swap for different types of animal protein.  I demonstrate a fun technique for freezing and defrosting tofu and how it changes the texture; grilling tofu; the trick to making tempeh taste better; TVP (textured vegetable protein); lentils and beans; some alternative ways to use quinoa and more!  I will also provide a special separate download for how to cook legumes from scratch and another download for how to reduce bloating and gassiness when eating legumes and more plants, in general.

Comfort Foods Made PB

Week 2

Sometimes I crave classic comfort foods, but I don’t crave all the animal protein, heaviness, and inflammation. Enter my favorite comfort foods made plant-based! These recipes are less straightforward, and not necessarily intuitive, so you’ll be blown away at what I am going to show you! Crab Cakes with no crab; a stretchy cheese with no dairy; meatloaf with all plants…..and more!

Eat More Vegetables

Week 3

After this class, you will never look at your dinner plate the same way again. I am going to get you to rethink vegetables and finally put them front and center. Or at least share my favorite ways to add more vegetables to your plate and your life!

Healthier Desserts and Learning How to Make Most of Your Recipes PB

Week 4

It's not easy to make a healthy dessert or to swap plant-based ingredients for dairy and eggs...or is it? I'll give you my go-to swaps and how I change up almost any baking recipe. Then we'll recap what we've learned and apply our knowledge to make almost any recipe higher quality and plant-based! This is a very fun final class!

Ways for you to participate in this course:

  • Join me on zoom to watch the pre-recorded class (you will see me in two screens) and stay for LIVE Q&A

  • Watch the pre-recorded class on your own and join zoom for LIVE Q&A

  • Watch the pre-recorded class and Q&A replay on your own

  • Or any combination of the above options

See what other students are saying about the first Plant Based Bootcamp

Pamela has a wonderful approach with her audience. It’s an inclusive, thoughtful and flexible approach -in addition, the recipes are user-friendly, delicious and fantastic!


So much great information , Pamela takes the time to break things down and answer everyone’s questions. 


Pamela is a natural at teaching! She's so warm & engaging while demonstrating and sharing her incredible knowledge. You'll be amazed at how much you learn each time. It's invaluable! 


Pamela has changed the way I cook. She has given me a way to cook for my family that respects all of their dietary needs and lifestyles. Her knowledge of food and nutrition is very appreciated and her recipes are easy and delicious.


I ADORE PAMELA! her class was life changing. Her positive attitude and sense of humor made the class so much fun!


Pamela's cheery delivery and accessibility through real time Q and A makes everything easy. Her handouts are the gift that keeps on giving as I refer to them constantly.


About Me

I have loved good food and enjoyed cooking for as long as I can remember. As a child, while other kids were at the playground, I was helping my father in the garden, watering plants and vines and watching miracles happen. I come from a large Italian-American family where sit-down holiday dinners for 85 people are the norm (how, you might ask – organization!  But more on that later …).  


The food I grew up with was never fancy, even though my mother always had a subscription to Gourmet.  But I knew where the food came from and it was always real. It wasn’t until I was an adult that I learned more about the nourishing and healing power of food.  And it wasn’t until I volunteered as a nutrition docent in an elementary school for Growing Great that it truly crystallized for me — our society has a big problem. I knew I had to do something, but was unsure of where to start.


I was asked to teach a “healthful cooking class” for a group of young mothers. The business grew organically from that first group and I knew I had a message — and a new mission — in life.

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